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I for one am glad that sins this horrible are now out in the daylight. Not that the sins occured. When they are exposed they can be delt with. I’d advocate the old rite of deposition of a cleric, where the cleric dressed in the litugical garments proper to his office is brought into the Church, (Usually the Cathedral Church) and one by one the garments of his office are removed, rent, (torn) and discarded. In the case of a priest or bishop, the places he was anointed, (hands for the priest) hands, and forehead for the bishop) are scraped with a shard of glass to symbolically remove the oils they where anointed with. Then with the base of the bishop’s crosier they are prodded out of the Church to the waiting hands of the secular authorities to face trial and punishment.

To put things into perspective, as there have been many a protestant minister, jewish rabbi, judge, school teacher and others in positions of authority who have abused, adults and children, it is a misappropriation of authority, not a sexual compulsion, a power trip, not a proclivity. Here is a link to the Christian Science Monitor article about how prevalant the issue is in Protestant Chruches, and not just among their clergy. [url:20knk1oz]http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/0405/p01s01-ussc.html[/url:20knk1oz]

In recent months, a local “Christian Minister” and his son where both accused and convicted of molesting little girls in their “Church”. They had in the past couple of years attempted to win converts from local Catholic Churches by saying it was a Catholic problem, and then ended up being bigger molesters of children themselves.