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[quote:1hmy0r25]Are you telling me that you’ve never been told that private interpretations are wrong and you need te church to tell you the correct meaning?[/quote:1hmy0r25]
That’s not the same as not being able to understand the truth.

The Church is here to guide us so that our interpretation is correct and have a unified body. Private interpretations have led to “Christians” proclaiming very different messages yet still calling themselves Christian.

Ron, being part of the body of Christ is about more than just one’s own personal relationship with God. There is also the relationship with the rest of the community. We must all be of one heart and one mind like Jesus prayed for.

For everyone to have their own private interpretation and claiming a relationship with God is not sufficient. There is no unity, no authenticity. Even the Bible says private interpretation is wrong!

Jesus wants everyone to know and love him, but he didn’t say to do it on your own.

Truth is not subjective, Ron. There are objective truths. You can’t have it be whatever you want because that is the way you happen to interpret it.