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Ron, your addition of the verse adds nothing to the conversation, nor does it prove your point.

It was the Roman Catholic Church alone that spread the word to the world until 1099, when the Eastern Orthodox split from the Church. It was another 500 years until Protestants began re-inventing the interpretation of the Bible.

For the first thousand years after Christ Jesus became incarnate by the power of the Holy Ghost in the womb of Mary Immaculate, there was no other source to hear the preaching of the Good News, nor the fact that our redemtion if through Christ Jesus. After the Protestant revolution came different errors that re-defined the manner in which our Lord gave us to apply His death on the Cross, and His triumph over death on that first Easter morning. You can find that in not just Catholic History, but any honest history text, published by non-Catholics.

[i:3fji8nqu][b:3fji8nqu]The Roman Catholic Church; preaching Christ and His Salvation since 33AD[/b:3fji8nqu][/i:3fji8nqu]