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You guys are really cute!

First Weathers says:
[quote:y68lea93]Scripture, our Evangelical friends tell us, is the inerrant Word of God. Quite right, the Catholic replies; but how do you know this to be true?

It’s not an easy question for Protestants, because, having jettisoned Tradition and the Church, they have no objective authority for the claims they make for Scripture. There is no list of canonical books anywhere in the Bible, nor does any book (with the exception of St. John’s Apocalypse) claim to be inspired. So, how does a “Bible Christian” know the Bible is the Word of God? [/quote:y68lea93]

Secondly LARoberts adds:

[quote:y68lea93]Not only does the Sola Scriptura argument make every “Believer” a Pope, but it grants him far more authority than the Catholic Church defines the Pope as having.

that was determined by various Councils of the Catholic Church, over 1,000 years before Protestant Churches

As I see it, either our Lord remained with the Church and will do so until the consumation of the Earth as He promised, or He lied and abandoned the Church and let it fall into apostasy until Martin Luther, John Calvin, Tyndale and the rest came along. [/quote:y68lea93]

And then Bernadine adds finally:
[quote:y68lea93]I completely agree[/quote:y68lea93]

So now we have an example of how catholics get their “traditions” because in the future someone can say, “we ‘ve always believed it as far back as the early church days”

Yet the Word odf God tells us, straight up that :

1Thes 2:13 — [color=red:y68lea93]For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, en ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, [u:y68lea93][b:y68lea93]ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, [/b:y68lea93][/u:y68lea93]which effectually worketh also in you that believe. [/color:y68lea93]

So as you see, it isn’t necessary for us to “prove anything” or to give “slanted” information of “how” we got the good book, because we KNOW it is God’s Word and no one, I repeat no one, can give me any other book that carries as much authority as Scripture alone does!