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Weathers, first I just will say thanks for the welcomingthat you said. And secondly about your other post, I want to point out in red the highlights:
[quote:fqnth1f5]Luke 18:10-14
Why is the oh-so-nice Pharisees not justified, but the scum-of-the-earth tax collector is?

First of all, we need to define the terms good and bad here. What/who defines a man as good? Number of times you help the old ladies to get across the street? Number of 10 commandments that you have kept? As long as you are above average, then you are considered good? Let’s see what the Bible says:

10 As it is written, “There is no one righteous. No, not one.
11 There is no one who understands. There is no one who seeks after God.
12 They have all turned aside. They have together become unprofitable. There is no one who does good, No, not, so much as one.”

Romans 3:10-12
It does not actually tell us the filtering algorithms that God uses to separate the good guys from the baddies. It only tells us the number of good guys out there – no one, not even one! We all have turned away from God, rejected him as our creator and ruler, and crowned ourselves to be our little kings. We are all baddies in God’s sight, and that means everyone of us – you and me, Aussies and Chinese, Christians and non-Christians – we are all criminals before God. What does that imply?[color=red:fqnth1f5] None of us can pass his judgement, and hell will be the next stop for all of us. [/color:fqnth1f5]

Trying to do good to win God’s favour is like trying to study for the exam that you’ll never pass. The only hope we have is God might have mercy on some of us. In fact,[color=red:fqnth1f5] he did show his love and mercy in his son Jesus, and at the cross, his justice and his love are both satisfied. We can be saved, if we do confess that we are baddies, and place our trust on Jesus that his death is enough to pay for my guilt[/color:fqnth1f5]. Thus, baddies can go to heaven.
[color=blue:fqnth1f5]This is it Weathers, you’ve got it right if you’d quit defending purgatory and sacramental means to rid yourself of sin and stick to this, I’d say you understand at this point. So why do you continue such nonsense as LARoberts says above??[/color:fqnth1f5]
What about the good guys then? [color=red:fqnth1f5]There are no real righteous man from God’s point of view, except the man Jesus along. All the other so-called good guys trust no one but themselves[/color:fqnth1f5]. They need no God because they think they can run their lives themselves, and they might even out-smart God in His judgement scheme. When the judgement comes, those good guys appear not so good in God’s standard. And by relying solely on themselves, where will they end up with?

The Bible is clear on that as well, sad to say!