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1. Why do you hold that the Pope cannot sin?

2. Well we both agree on the Immaculate Conception don’t we?

Most non-Catholics, and many Catholics confuse Impeccability with Infallibility. As far as Infallibility, most believe their own Minister or Pastor has a greater claim to Infallibility (Because he says that he is preaching just from the Infallible word of God, even when he invents new teachings based on his own “inspiration” from God, “Laying it on his heart”) than the strict limits laid down by the Vatican Council, (Vatican I) regarding Papal Infallibility.

Most non-Catholics believe that the Immaculate Conception deals with the Miracle of the Virgin Birth and the Conception of our Lord, rather than the special privilige afforded to our Lady in order for a pure vessle could be had to bring about His promise of the Incarnation.

It reminds me of an old apocryphal story surrounding the Immaculate Conception I read somewhere, (not a de fide dogma required of Catholics to believe.) While it may simply be a nice tale about how our Lady was chosen for the singular privilige of the Immaculate Conception, it none-the-less offers to us a tale of our Lady’s total commitment to do the Will of God, and why she is such an example to us all.

Before all time, God was looking across history at sinful humanity. Mankind was self absorbed and ignoring God. He noticed one place where He should have seen someone standing, on closer inspection He saw our Lady, bowed down deeply, in honor and submission to every aspect of the Will of God. It was this act of love and total devotion to God that convinced Him that humanity was worth Redeeming.