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Mr. Weathers, you asked:
Ron said earth is only 6 thousand years old(should I believe him??)

[quote:14ielssb]What is this telling me about how old the earth is?? I think if I’m not mistaken(getting a little absent minded at my age)the oldest person in the Bible was about 900years and there was a couple of reasons for that,number 1 they used a different way of measureing days and another I heard was there was not as many diseases then(I don’t know which is correct) [/quote:14ielssb]

If you look at Luke’s genealogy it goes all the way back to Adam from Jesus which is 2000 years ago and takes approximetly about 4000 years or so. The people live longer not because of a different type of measurement, but because the canopy that protected them is not over us since the flood. If you look at the first couple chapter of Genesis, you will see that the measurements are the same – sun in the day, moon and star at night – seven days a week.
PS – once you believe me on this subject, then maybe you’ll believe me in Scripture as well.