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[quote:1ia8028q]Sure China is using prison slaves, and wage-slave labor, making the goods we buy the fruits of the “sweat of another man’s brow” as Lincoln said. But, hey! They’re cheap! So what if they are persecuting faithful Catholics who won’t join the state church? Who cares if we are financing state-sponsored atheism and spreading the “errors of Russia” as Our Lady said at Fatima? Get going to WAL-MART and buy, buy, buy Chinese![/quote:1ia8028q]

:x I know everytime I go shopping it’s hard to find a product made in the U.S.A but it’s OUR goverment who is doing this,they broke the unions so we cant made a compatible product and of course big business is after the bottom line.I worked for the same company for 36 years and it was enjoyable going to work,now if a person works at same place for 10 years there doing good.I wonder if there is a website site that lists products made in U.S.A