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“In other words, I would expect to find a similar (low) divorce rate among both faithful Catholics and faithful Lutherans and a similar (higher) divorce rate among the unobservant of both groups.”
I think I agree with Benedict.

I also agree with Jon that areas with German and Scandinavian heritage have large populations of Lutherans. I am from Iowa/Minnesota and am used to a “mixed” religious community. In other words, Lutherans and Catholics are in approx. equal numbers as far as I know.

XC’s question set off a light bulb in my head, though. How much of the hostility between Lutherans and Catholics (in both directions) is due to ignorance and misunderstanding (to clarify…I am not calling XC ignorant!). I would guess a lot. Being from the midwest, I am used to dealing with the differences and loving others regardless of their religion. There are obviously important differences between the two, but not so large as many assume. There are gross misunderstandings of Lutheranism by most Catholics and gross misunderstandings of Catholicism by most Lutherans. I think a little education would go a long way in our quest for Ecumenism (I have no idea how to spell that). Sadly, instead it seems like we all tend to shut our ears and speak before we really know what we’re speaking about.

Sorry for that side rant.

Any ideas on how to expose my (future) children to both Catholic and Lutheran teachings?