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Ok, try this…

God loves us so much that he created us and if WE choose to love him in return he has a place for us full go his love and we spend eternity with him. However, if WE choose not to love God then we do not get to spend eternity with him since WE made that choice.

A just reward for the person who loves God is to spend eternal life with him, and a just punishment for the person that does not love God is to spend eternal life without him.

We make the choice though, not God. Gives gives us the opportunity to choose him or not him. And we justly receive either a reward or punishment for our choice.

God doesn’t want us to go to hell. It is his will that we join him in heaven. That’s why he created us…to share all his glory with us. But he lets us choose him so that it is a true, free love, rather than a bunch of robots.

It probably pains God to have people go to hell, but that is their just reward for not wanting to be with God. He loves us so much that he lets us go if we want or he lets us come to him.

It is justice and love. God created a place for people to go who choose not to love him, albeit not a very nice one, but it’s what’s deserved of the people who go there.

That is how I would explain it.