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Thank you Jon, I think it is obvious, or at least it should be. It isn’t that I’m not so much anti anything, but more for the Lord and out to reach the lost. I think I’ve been clear in that I do NOT believe in how so many of the catholics have been in “happy Valley USA” i.e. just going along thinking that they are saved, most not having the foggiest idea about what determines who goes to Heaven, and even more defend it as if it was the truth, which it is NOT. As for loving and respecting Catholicism, I love you people enough to stick around, but how respectful can a person be when there is a huge spiritual war going on here?

The Bible is Clear – one way – Matthew 7:13-14.

So for all of your efforts, please take the time to get saved!!!!
Which means you’d have to renounce many, many of your catholic beliefs.

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