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That article was unconvincing even by Protestant standards.

Equating “Jesus” with “Bible” is incredibly pathetic. “The Word” does not refer to the Bible, which was only compiled in the 4th century by the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Tell me Ron. What did a Christian living in 60 A.D. do? Seeing as the “Bible” didn’t exist and much of it wasn’t even written, they were pretty much ruined weren’t they?

And for the almost millenium and a half before the printing press was invented (and even for centuries after that) the Bible was not even available to most (assuming they could read, and most couldn’t), so how could they be saved? Oh that’s right, the Church taught them how.

And 2 Tim 3:16-17 is useless for your purposes. Not only does it never say the Bible is sufficient for our needs, it is also referring to the OLD Testament, since that was all that was written at the time. Plus, you never defined who a “man of God” happens to be. And lastly, Paul says they are ready for all good works, but you don’t even think good works are useful!

So basically, you fail an all counts.