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Jon old buddy, you say:
[quote:gbszd294]John 1:1 is talking about Jesus. Jesus is the living Word. He is the word of God incarnate. It’s not talking about the Bible (which didn’t even exist in its entirety when that was written).

And Hebrews 1:1-3 has nothing do with Scripture. Again, it’s referring to Jesus, not a set of written books. [/quote:gbszd294]

Aren’t they saying that Jesus is the word – if it is the word and the word became flesh – then it must be believable for even Peter said that “All of Scripture is inspired but not by man”

Then you ask:[quote:gbszd294]
Besides, quoting the Bible to validate the authenticity of the Bible or prove that we should listen to the Bible alone is a circular argument and makes no sense. Plenty of other texts call themselves sacred and holy writings. What sets them apart from the Bible in that respect? Nothing. There must be some outside source that also has authority to declare the Bible to be what we believe it is. People must have been in charge of that since we all know the Bible didn’t drop from the sky and a finished product, leather bound with gold-edged paper. [/quote:gbszd294]

What other book is complete 100% accurate in all of the smallest details?
What other auther came back from the dead?
What other book is 100% faultless?

These are just a few reasons to accept it as t is meant to be – alone and above all details, reasons or any human logic, even the perception of cicular reasoning my friend! You’ve been deceived by your imposter church! (no I am not bashing you, it is a fact)