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Hi y’all,

I’ve been lurking around here for a while, and I’ve found most of your discussions quite illuminating. I’m not sure why now, but I finally took the plunge and registered.

Ron, I don’t think Benedict disagrees with what you say about us being healed by what He did. Benedict is describing the mechanism.

For example, I could tell you that I’m going to go to the grocery store. I may not describe, but you could infer, that I’m going to walk outside, lock my door, get in my car, make a left turn, etc etc.

Picture some acid collected in a vat. You have a marble encased in, say, styrofoam. Into the vat it goes!

marble = you; styrofoam = sin; acid = Christ’s blood; vat = purgatory.

Would you not say that this process is completely in line with the idea of us being cleansed by His blood?