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3 Words of Faith

When the Amish fathers went to the family of the man who killed their
daughters, hugged them and said, “We forgive him”, it sent the Gospel
around the world in a just a few seconds. My friends were telling me
that every news station broadcast the story of that single act of
faith. The Amish men simply practiced their faith by forgiving. They
simply said, “We forgive him.” It doesn’t get any more profound than

My friends told me that Englischers who were lukewarm or even cold in their faith came on the radio news interviews and said, “Now I understand.”
In a world troubled by the violence of terrorism and religious wars, those 3 words echoed the core of faith. “We forgive him.”

From a people who do not have any mass media the news of Salvation travelled
the globe sending Hope to a world broken and scared. In that all too brief moment when the world was shocked into quiet those words rang loud and clear: We forgive him.

Praise be the Lord, God of mercy and love. Let us forgive those who
trespass against us just as we are forgiven.