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:rolleyes: “But It’s Always Been That Way”

Rome alleges that the church has always prohibited women from the priesthood. The tradition of not ordaining women was built, however, on theological and cultural beliefs that have been discredited. Just as Rome’s belief in the creation of the universe in six days, or that the earth is the center of the universe are now acknowledged as untrue, so past arguments from tradition only have validity when the church possesses informed knowledge of the issue.

The church’s concept of women was based on what today we know are obvious falsehoods. Whether through ignorance, lies, misogyny or lack of scientific knowledge, the church thought of women as inferior, unclean and sinful creatures lesser in every way than men. For example, the Fathers of the church used obsolete and archaic ideas to support their position that women are inadequate to be ordained, such as the notion that God created women as inferior beings, and that men were superior to women in intelligence and character. Also they used the concept that God subjected women to men as a punishment for original sin and that women were ritually unclean.

Popes made mistakes in the past despite the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They have defended doctrines and practices which have afterwards proven erroneous. Thankfully, many of these errors have been nullified by other popes or councils. Most certainly, further