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Benedict said
Ron, if someone goes through the trouble of providing information for you, the least you could do is address it. All you have done is brush it aside and ignore it while displaying further your increasingly deliberate ignorance of Catholic teaching. For example, I am quite certain you are unaware of the scope and meaning of the Council of Trent’s anathemas. They do not bear on you at all.

Notice He felt like the good works meant so much to?

First of all, Jesus was talking about miracles (prophecy, exorcism, and wonderful works, not good works in general) and how working a miracle does not mean you are automatically saved.

Second, as already mentioned in this thread, Jesus specifically states in Matthew’s Gospel that to be saved one must follow the commandments and that He will separate the sheep from the goats based on their good works. You continue to try to boil down belief to the point that it does not include good works yet Jesus’s witness in Matthew alone indicates that to Him, belief necessarily includes good works (else it is dead faith, as James tells us). [/quote:9mel10xf]

[b:9mel10xf]I won’t comment on the third part as it doesn’t concern me. But the first part, okay thank you for the anathama info okay? I knew that there were 100 anathemas but I never had themm that well organized.
Now the rest – have you ever Read Romans 3+4? When you put Paul and James together they should not contradict each other, so how would you interpret it?
You say we must keep the commandments- the Bible says that we would have to be perfect and since we still occasionally fail, that leaves you in sin, so what are you trust trusting in? your works? Nope – not me
Matthew 25 just shows the characteristics of those that believed if you want to use it, but I don’t think that is even what Matthew 25 is about. And yes as I’ve said so many times “faith without works is dead” but it is the faith that saves,not the works[/b:9mel10xf]