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Jon says:
[quote:g9wl9wmx]That’s because it’s NOT Scripture alone. What did the first Christians do for 400 years without a designated body of Scriptures, Ron? To whom or what did they go?[/quote:g9wl9wmx]

This often is where I am reminded of the Biblical verse which reads in
[i:g9wl9wmx]1 Tim 3:15 – But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in [b:g9wl9wmx]the house of God, which is the church [/b:g9wl9wmx]of the living God, [b:g9wl9wmx]the pillar and ground of the truth.[/b:g9wl9wmx] [/i:g9wl9wmx]

That Church mentioned in the Bible would read and look for more of the letters from the writters of Scriptures, knowing that these were valuable and they probably thought that they were inspired as well. Everyone was written before 100 AD. So they were in essence learning Scriptures even in that first century, wether by voice or written down, Jesus got his same message to all.