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Weathers, you want to know the secret to going to Heaven? I told you in the earlier post on this site:

Trusting in the shed blood of Christ for Salvation ALONE gets somebody into Heaven – NONE of the choices you gave does that unless they can could do them perfectly and I only know of one individual that ever did things perfectly (It wasn’t Mary)

Like that favorite song of mine goes —

“What can wash my sins away? Nothing but the blood of Jesus” [/quote:1obnw4yq]

The problem with catholisim is not that they don’t know this but rather then to trust in His finished work, they trust in sacraments, purgatory, the mass, indulgences, good works and other things to get a clean heart. – sort of like those in Romans 9:31+32 and Romans 10:2-4

not to mention they don’t recognize the authority of Scriptures alone.