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[quote:5k8xrnq7]Jon says:
[quote:5k8xrnq7]So in other words you can’t really provide an answer about the Scriptures other than referencing the Scriptures.[/quote:5k8xrnq7]

Tsk tsk Jon what else does anyone need [color=red:5k8xrnq7]For Scriptures themselves are truth [/color:5k8xrnq7](John 17:17) and will teach us this as well – [color=red:5k8xrnq7]”we will know the truth and the truth will set us free” [/color:5k8xrnq7]
(John 8:31+32)

But before you answer realize this is from THE WORD of the Almighty God that you defy, not me! I tell you my resources, Look these things up yourself! I have no reason to lie![/quote:5k8xrnq7]

Lying isn’t the point. You are using the bible to prove the Bible.

That is impossible. It defies logic and reason, two God given talents we are all endowed with, which you are ignoring. It is a tautology. It DOES NOT WORK. You cannot use the Bible to say the Bible is inspired. Among many other reasons why, it is very simply a logical fallacy.

Beyond its inherent falsity, the argument also fails because the Koran, the book of Mormon, “Christian” science writings, etc. all claim to be inspired and often use [i:5k8xrnq7]far stronger[/i:5k8xrnq7] language than the Bible ever uses to describe themselves. Yet you don’t listen to the Koran, do you.

Also, beyond that, [i:5k8xrnq7]many[/i:5k8xrnq7] books of the bible make no claims to inspiration. If I were to ask you why you think Matthew is inspired, you would [i:5k8xrnq7]have no answer[/i:5k8xrnq7].

So again, Ron, why do you think your answer even remotely touched upon my question?