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Jon says:
[quote:z7zr8exy]So in other words you can’t really provide an answer about the Scriptures other than referencing the Scriptures.[/quote:z7zr8exy]

Tsk tsk Jon what else does anyone need [color=red:z7zr8exy]For Scriptures themselves are truth [/color:z7zr8exy](John 17:17) and will teach us this as well – [color=red:z7zr8exy]”we will know the truth and the truth will set us free” [/color:z7zr8exy]
(John 8:31+32)

But before you answer realize this is from THE WORD of the Almighty God that you defy, not me! I tell you my resources, Look these things up yourself! I have no reason to lie!