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[quote:3syn28i5]And I answered if you wanted to be correct then that is why you should check out whatever comes up with Scriptures – it God’s word[/quote:3syn28i5]
On whose authority is it God’s Word? If you say because the Bible says so then the same claim can be made for the Koran. If your only test to authority is because a book claims it then you lose all credibility.

[quote:3syn28i5]We are told to pray to God alone – not to people that died and passed into Heaven or Hell. Isaiah 8:19 ends with the remark that we should not go to the dead but to God alone[/quote:3syn28i5]
The saints aren’t dead, they are alive in Heaven. They are members of the Body of Christ just like you and me. Only now they are completely with God while you and I are left to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.