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[quote:aa48wqy1]how different is the homosexual dilemna from that of the pornocracy of the Popes a thousand years before?[/quote:aa48wqy1]

Interesting. The Church did corrected many of it’s member’s early failing in this matter. And it did not prevail against the Church, in fact made Her stronger. So I assume that the parallel you draw is that the same will be true for the Episcopal Church; this will make them stronger and bring them closer to God by not allowing evil to prevail over them. I too pray for this.

[quote:aa48wqy1]I’m seeing a similar spirit of evil within the Church in these two. God help our Church. God help our leaders who face the worst trials out there.[/quote:aa48wqy1]

Amen! God be with them. I do not see it as the Church that is plagued by an evil spirit, as much as, it maybe with individuals.

[quote:aa48wqy1]Though I be no RC, I wish that the Pope would address this issue and provide some clear insight to reminder other Church leaders of the correct response.[/quote:aa48wqy1]

I assume you refer to homosexuals in the religious orders and how the Church has to respond to this issue? If so, yes he has.

[quote:aa48wqy1]I only hope and pray that the Church of England responds correctly and quickly.[/quote:aa48wqy1]

Amen! I pray for the same.