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[quote:10sr5v4e][quote:10sr5v4e][color=green:10sr5v4e]Please help me. I have a friend who says he does not believe in God becasue he ruined his life and made him gay, this was his reply….

“Being gay is really not a choice at all. I didn’t chose to be gay. Believe me when I say that I tried EVERYTHING to love women more than men. I consulted during 2 year a psychiatrist and spent over 800$ because I really wanted to be normal… but nothing could do it. I swear, it is really not my choice. Why would I chose to be gay? Homosexuality would not exist if being gay was a choice.”

What would you say to him?? I know what the bible says but …I just don’t know how to talk to him about homsexulaity with compassion. Can anyone help? <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> [/color:10sr5v4e][/quote:10sr5v4e]

I would tell him that being gay may not be a “choice” of his, but it is a compulsion of a fetish, a form of a mental disorder. I would also try to explain that most psychiatrist do not understand this and will only push him deeper into this problem. [b:10sr5v4e] I[/b:10sr5v4e] would tell him about my own personal struggle with a similar type of problem and that I was able to over come it only after I took the step to realize it was not something that I was born with. Even though it really does feel that way to those who suffer from it.

More than any thing else, I would tell him that I really love and care for him and that I am praying for him and he need not be alone with this struggle.[/quote:10sr5v4e]
I’ve never understood why Gay’s say they CAN’T CHOOSE. I mean, I understand they didn’t choose initially, but as grown and conscious adults; I think they can choose. What do you think?[/color:10sr5v4e]