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[quote:1nhv3g0f][quote:1nhv3g0f]A change in the wording, as simple as it may seem, is maybe not the best thing to do while the RC is trying to rebuild (in a sense) its identity.[/quote:1nhv3g0f]

Rebuilding our identity <img decoding=:” title=”Question” />[/quote:1nhv3g0f]

Not rebuilding, returning to what it was and should be. I support the move to return the Mass to Latin. I grew up with the Mass in Latin, it is the official language of the Church, all writings and Papal Masses are in Latin. We need to lose the tendency to modernize or [i:1nhv3g0f]”grow”[/i:1nhv3g0f] with the changing world. The truth is the truth, what was is what shall be.

If we stay true to our Faith and Sacred Tradition, it will be harder for those who criticize the Church as always changing.

Benedict is absolutely correct:

[quote:1nhv3g0f]Some 40-50 years ago, every Roman Catholic celebrated the mass in Latin. We heard the Latin, learned the Latin, and spoke the Latin.

When the first English translation was approved, it was much too different from the Latin. It even moved further from its Scriptural source (e.g. the third Eucharistic prayer and Malachi 1:11; the fourth Eucharistic prayer and the Gospel accounts of the Last Supper).

The form and words of the mass are deep, as much as Scripture is deep. The mass is the greatest prayer in Christendom and a source of doctrinal truth for the laity. Just as not all translations of Scripture are equal, so not all translations of the mass are equal. And this new translation is better than the old.[/quote:1nhv3g0f]

God Bless!