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Peace be with you all!

[quote:1ugkv386][quote:1ugkv386]Set to produce is Tim LaHaye, co-author of the best-selling “Left Behind” series of books.[/quote:1ugkv386]
Great…this is gonna be all messed up now.[/quote:1ugkv386]

It will fail. The are try to make profit off the Lord. It cannot be done if that is the intent. If they are out to truly spread the Word, rewards will be of many kinds. One must remember Sony Pictures is the money behind this. A Japanese company from a country that is Shinto, so Christ is a character of mythos more or less to them, hence an opportunity to make money like in anime.

Now Tim LaHaye, well my mother said if I could not say anything nice about someone, not to say anything at all. Hmmmmm…… Okay, God Bless!