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Peace be with you all!

[quote:1bey70yr]I agree, there’s a long stretch to connect this to paradise.[/quote:1bey70yr]

Well Purgatory isn’t really paradise. It is the proofing/curing/quickening if you will for any temporal sin carried after death.

[quote:1bey70yr]Don’t get it. [/quote:1bey70yr]

This is from an apologetics class I took and:

[quote:1bey70yr]It depends on whether you are taking the verse all by itself or whether you are taking it in the greater context of Scriptural and Traditional and Patristic evidence. [/quote:1bey70yr]

is absolutely correct. This is but a part of the Scriptural support of the Sacred Tradition of Purgatory. All Scripture quotes should be used to consider this. Like law anyone part viewed on it’s own does not contain the entire basis of evidence to support a claim. I give a list[/url:1bey70yr] of Scriptural passages that support Purgatory.

Now from my class on this topic this is what we can learn from this passage:

[quote:1bey70yr][i:1bey70yr]Jesus implies that some sins cannot be forgiven in the next world.[/i:1bey70yr] Sin cannot be forgiven in Hell. There is no sin to be forgiven in Heaven. Any of the sin in the next world can only occur in Purgatory.[/quote:1bey70yr]

Kind of a Pythagorean Theorem, A squared plus B squared equals C squared. One must under stand that when Christ speaks of the [b:1bey70yr][i:1bey70yr]Next Age[/i:1bey70yr][/b:1bey70yr] he is speaking of Eternal Life, Heaven. Forgiveness, such as in The Sacrament of Reconciliation, is during the [b:1bey70yr][i:1bey70yr]First or Present Age[/i:1bey70yr][/b:1bey70yr] which is our current Age. Once we leave this Age and if we carry sin with us, where and when is it forgiven if we cannot have sin in Heaven? The presumption is Purgatory.

Most Sacred Tradition is based on a combination of Scriptural passages and great insight, 2000 years worth, has be used to study and understand some of the more obscure clues left to us. I hope this helps in some way. God Bless!