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Back on topic, my reasons for putting away a supply of food and water are many. No one reason outweighs the rest. But put them all together and it’s a real concern to me. Even the health department encourages people to get ready incase of a bird flue pandemic. But I have real concerns about the economy and civil strife. Terriorism, remains a concern and in parts of the country, earthquakes (we had some here in Ohio) and storms concern me too. If nothing else some people may lose their jobs in the near future and having some extra food would not hurt.

I know this sounds like doom and gloom on a nice spring day, but I sleep just a little better knowing that I’m doing what I can and PRAYING for the help of God.

I really don’t want to debate the above. It is not that I’m afraid to do so. It is more like if I fail to convince someone and nothing bad happens then they win. If I fail to convince someone and something bad happens no one wins.