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Peace be with all!

[quote:3ohbitkc]Is this a book?[/quote:3ohbitkc]

I surprise you have never heard of it Jon. Second only to the Bible in print.

[quote:3ohbitkc]”This book had been published in over 6000 editions by 1900 — more than one per month for 500 years. It has been called the most-published of all books other than the Bible.”[/quote:3ohbitkc]

[quote:3ohbitkc]Are we suppose to believe that Christ is actually speaking the words or is Thomas A Kempis just suggesting what Christ might have said to the topics he creates?[/quote:3ohbitkc]

What gives you this idea? I know the book does not make any claim that these are Christ’s word, other then Scriptural quotes, or what Christ may have thought on a topic, nor does Thomas ?† Kempis[/url:3ohbitkc], “?†” not “A.” . The book is meant as a devotional and has an accompanying book called Favorite Prayers from the Imitation of Christ[/url:3ohbitkc], no “The” in the title. A good brief description of Imitation of Christ[/url:3ohbitkc] can be found at New Advent.

Also keep in mind that the book is entitled Imitation of Christ which is a clue to Kempis’s intent as a devotional. The definition of imitation[/url:3ohbitkc] may help to understand better what Thomas ?† Kempis was writing about. I hope this answers your email you sent Mike.

God Bless!