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thanks for your thoughts. Now we’ve got a discussion started about something. Usually people are interested in movies so I brought it up <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />

Bernardine, quite true it is not an attack on the faith. Christianity is so often a vehicle that drives artist imaginations isn’t it? The realm of Christianity is so vast in its “mythology” (I don’t believe that’s what it is but it is so easily crafted in this way) that it must be hard for a creative non-Christian to avoid using Christianity in his/her own artistic expression. By the way, did you know Constantine is based off a comic series? It’s suppossed to be a lot darker (Constantine kills a girl and sends her to hell :mrgreen: ) and the like.

The hell scene is typical Western Renaissance imagery, I doubt greatly if Hell is anything like that, but could we imagine a hell any worse? Perhaps, but it’s not a contest I guess:)

I’m glad to see that you guys (Bernardine and TeDeum) were not bothered by the movie, though Te Deum you express concern, valid I think. The Da Vinci Code is heresy, Constantine is creative. It’s ok to use the religion of Christianity to drive ones creative genius, but it’s simply horrible when one uses it as a money-maker and then turn around and hope the its foundation crumbles. Dan Brown is an ass who will receive his full like all the others responsible for gnostic gospel’s – willingly. I haven’t seen The Da Vinci Code and like you Te Deum, I don’t intend to.

Back to Constantine, isn’t Keanu Reeves the perfect actor for that role? I think he was born to play it. His character’s weird, kinda creepy, a lost soul, but still, he’s got his head own screwed straight somewhere in all that lung cancer:) For me, he’s the new 21st century hero of the post-modern religions. It’s a scary world, I like it.