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[quote:2to1rgt3]1. I attend Mass weekly. Usually I try to attend some other Masses during the week, besides Sunday, whenever I can. I’m conscious of my obligation as a catholic to do it, but I’m more than happy to be able to attend it, every time.

2. I go to confession whenever I feel I’m needing it. Besides cleansing me, it strengthens me so that I may sin less. So, definitely more than once a year, for sure.

3. I make a conscious effort in order to be ready as to properly receive the Blood and Body of Christ in Holy Communion at least once a week (Sundays usually).

4. I take religion seriously, because I take truth seriously. With my never-ending flaws, I try to «be holy as our Father is Holy», like Christ commanded. I beg constantly for His grace and help, so that I can avoid sin and temptations and do more good. So, I do my best to keep holy the holy days.

5. I’m more than glad to fast and abstain for the sake of God and His Church. It’s cleansing and strengthens our faith.

6. Whenever I can, I provide with the little I have for the parrish’s needs. Recently, I’ve volunteered to give some cathechesis classes to children.

I’m also continuously pledging myself and renewing my oaths as a Christian before God, so that I may, with His help and grace, respect others, love others, be actively charitable, be meek in heart, not be judge mental and spread the Good News to all people, as He commanded.

Obviously I’m also against abortion, euthanasia, in vitro fertilization, contraception and all those issues that the Church has made in their teaching very clear.

So I’d say that I try to be as good and practicing as a catholic that God, in His infinite grace and mercy, helps me to be; despite my embarassing and offensive sins, vanity, stupidity, stubbornness and weak character.[/quote:2to1rgt3]

[color=darkblue:2to1rgt3]I’m going to borrow [i:2to1rgt3]Te Deum[/i:2to1rgt3] response and second that. My responses would run similar to his.[/color:2to1rgt3]