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:shock: LOL

You crack me up Ron, I think I was too serious with you and now I’ve shot myself in the foot

Have you ever done any Christian History reading? Have you ever read any Creeds? Have you ever ______?

<img decoding=” title=”Confused” /> your lack of research combined with your zealous attitude towards converting Catholics is embarassing to all critical and even open Protestant Christians.

I like this one :rolleyes:

[quote:36rkpl0l]Why compromise with them? They have a different, non-saving gospel, call it as it is!”[/quote:36rkpl0l]

This is an oxymoron. A non-saving Gospel cannot exist :oops:

hate to break it to you but Sunday worship is merely tradition, Acts’ sabbath is our saturday according to our calender.

In my opinion, attacking those who affirm the Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, the salvation through Christ alone, etc. IS attacking them. Your fighting against God my friend, just because Catholics are different than your church now doesn’t make them your enemy (unless you make it so).

lol. I have been arguing with Catholics about a number of things here but now I’m defending them! lol, you crack me up Ron, thanks!