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I have to agree with Te Deum here. The Muslims, as with any other religion have some major stumbling blocks to overcome for salvation. Catholic teaching on this reflects accessibilism but may stretch even farther than that into religious instrumentalism. It is commonly assumed that the latter is not found explicitly in scripture and is seen to favor a more positive light (for other religions) than Christians have often done (T. Tiessen).

“They (other religions) can be the means by which God’s salvation reaches those who have not yet heard the gospel.” (Kenneth Cracknell – I think he’s Catholic though not sure)

-Now, who believes that Muslims have not received the Gospel of salvation from Jesus Christ? If they have not, then God will deal with them mercifully and quite graciously. But Catholic theology does not allow one to hear the Gospel and reject it and still find salvation through other means – ignoring and rejecting Christ’s death and resurrection, all who do this are judged.

Religious Instrumentalism still states that salvation is from Christ, it’s just that Christ is the ultimate means to salvation and that other religions in their attempt cannot obtain such worthy obedience as Christians have to Christ. Again, however, this speaks of those who have not heard the Gospel. And I hardly think that only a few of the past Muslims knew of Christ. Still, the “Gospel” we are told that they knew of through early Christians may have been just as bloody and unforgiving as the Muslims own religion. Now however, most Muslims that here the Gospel in a good way actually become Christians and leave and die for their faith. But many do not. Woe to them.

Allah is not the God of Israel. He is the God of Muhummad. Jesus said that even the Samaritans worship a God they do not know but only the Jews worship a God they know, how much worse would it be for Muslims? Truth is found in Islam, but very little of
it. We should pray that Muslims everywhere recognize the glimpse of the truth of the Gospel in Islam and seek more of it.

We must never turn to relativism as many Theologians have done in their search to be gracious to other religions that are lost. The Bible speaks of those who will enter heaven that will astound us, but this may be a very small number! Who knows?

Muslims worship the God of Abraham? Yes they do. So do the Jews. However, they miss the law of Moses and they have also missed the prophecies proclaiming the Messiah, and they have also missed the Messiah. They have missed the fact that Isaac was chosen over Ishmael. They are lost sheep. This does not mean they do not receive the Father’s love, but they are a long way from seeing the Truth. It is amazing how little grace we give to the Jews who are our fathers in faith, and we accept Islam.