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Te Deum says:
[quote:3kqqy6mm] And that’s a quite charming introdutory remark, Ron. I’m glad to meet you too. [/quote:3kqqy6mm]
Okay you got me there, so here is an extra [color=red:3kqqy6mm]”Hello” to you.[/color:3kqqy6mm][quote:3kqqy6mm]
Let me remind you again that the entity responsible for conveying you and everyone else the Bible has been the Church. It was the Church through the Holy Spirit that decided what was fitting to be Holy Scripture (New Testament) and what wasn’t, confronting them with Holy Tradition, the Faith handed down by the Apostles. Luther couldn’t have done it by himself in the 16th Century, so he just decided without the Holy Spirit what would be the Protestant canon from amongst the books that the Catholic Church and the Holy Spirit had perserved from the very begining.[/quote:3kqqy6mm]
No way, that may be as you and your Church believe and teach but That doesn’t make it truth. I just did a study on the Apocrypha that reveals much about your “history” at http://www.studytoanswer.net/rcc/rvb_ap … html#intro
good stuff!!!

[quote:3kqqy6mm]I’m just wondering here, does your Church even abide to the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed? Because, if it does, the Church’s belief on the validity of baptism for the remission of sins is there plainly stated for anyone who reads or utters it. If it doesn’t abide to it, it isn’t a Christian Church anyway[/quote:3kqqy6mm].

Lets put this in the proper setting THE Church is NOT Your church – The Church consists of only believers in Jesus Christ and[u:3kqqy6mm][b:3kqqy6mm] your statement above has no baring upon this Fact[/b:3kqqy6mm][/u:3kqqy6mm]

[quote:3kqqy6mm]It’s not just me who believes in it. Christ said it so. The Apostles and the Church Fathers believed in it and so it has been kept for the last 2000 years in the Catholic Churc (and Orthodox as well). [/quote:3kqqy6mm]
all your efforts to get me to believe this are useless – I can read Scriptures and Jesus nor the Disciples ever believed that – here is my view
on this – http://www.angelfire.com/crazy3/glm/article3.shtml

[quote:3kqqy6mm]If you don’t know what Confirmation is, I’ll clear it up for you: it is the gift of the Holy Spirit passed on to the baptized believer through the bishop. It is traced to the day of Pentecost. I’m sure you know what that day is, right? [/quote:3kqqy6mm]
Yes I know, I just didn’t have any comments to make about Confirmation although I don’t buy your explanation

[quote:3kqqy6mm]Please, at least study some Church history before saying such nonsense[/quote:3kqqy6mm]
Have you ever read Dave Hunt’s Book – [b:3kqqy6mm][i:3kqqy6mm]”The Woman Rides the Beast?”[/i:3kqqy6mm][/b:3kqqy6mm] Some good enlightening material in there :lol:

It’s not the priest who removes or forgives the sin. It is Christ, ever present in the Church. The priest is His instrument. Also, you should’ve read those verses I posted about this one where Christ empowers the Apostles with the authority to forgive sins. [/quote:3kqqy6mm]
I am well aware of your mistranslated interpretation of John 20:23 and this is my view on that –
[color=darkred:3kqqy6mm][b:3kqqy6mm][i:3kqqy6mm]1) – John 20:23 – “If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” Based upon this statement, along with the “binding and loosing” given in Matthew 18, we see the misconception among those who claim their priest or pastor is able to forgive those that come to him. However, using the complete Bible to let Scripture interpret itself, we find that only God can forgive sins, as even the Pharisees knew this (Mark 2:7). And our sins are or aren’t forgiven based upon John 3:36 – “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.” So the disciples, having spent three years learning from Jesus, they knew His ways, could now preach and teach to others. As other people heard and believed, they were saved (Ephesians 1:13,14). The disciples could tell if anyone was or wasn’t a follower based upon what that individual beliefs were by what they did and said, “… for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. ….. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned” (Matthew 12:34-37). Thus, the disciples could inform others of whether or not their sins were forgiven based upon whether or not they were believers. One more point here to realize God is in control, not man. For man to have the power to forgive sins, then God would be under man’s control[/i:3kqqy6mm][/b:3kqqy6mm][/color:3kqqy6mm]

It is a sacrament because it conveys God’s grace. There have been some cases where the Anointing has physically cured some ill people, but its primary goal is to better prepare the soul to meet God. That’s why it’s also called Extreme Unction. [/quote:3kqqy6mm]

Convey grace??? That is an oxymoron per Romans 11:6 And I doubt that it in anyway helps prepare anyone’s soul for meeting God
What about the New? Who was responsible for discerning between canonical and non-canonical texts and preserving them? I’ll let you guess that one[/quote:3kqqy6mm]

The Holy Spirit choose the disciplles and guided them to write – these were being read in Churchs long before your Church decided anything – read the article I gave above (The Apocrypha) for more insights

[quote:3kqqy6mm]The Church is guided by the Holy Spirit as Christ promised. Don’t you believe His promises?[/quote:3kqqy6mm]
Of course I do – That’s why I left the Catholic Church – they do not follow Jesus but teach a false Gospel of meriting one’s salvation through works and Sacraments – none of hich takes away the sins of mankind..

[color=darkred:3kqqy6mm][b:3kqqy6mm]Only by Faith in what Jesus did for my sins at Calvary can my sins be taken away[/b:3kqqy6mm][/color:3kqqy6mm]