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[quote:xrnu8tk7]I did not admit that there is a ‘purgatory,’ please don’t twist my wods to make it seem so[/quote:xrnu8tk7]
This means you still are not grasping what is meant by purgatory. Your own words admit that we are cleansed by Christ’s sacrifice. That cleansing is purgation, and purgatory is just another name for it. I am not twisting your words. You have an idea in your head that purgatory is one thing when, in fact, the Church teaches it is another. You are simply unaware that your own words are a description of what purgatory actually is.

[quote:xrnu8tk7]And here is where you are wrong: When Christ died, he did not merely cover our sins, he ERASED them as far as the east is from the west.[/quote:xrnu8tk7]
And that “ERASURE” is purgation again. Just because you call it by another name does not change the fact that you are again describing exactly what is meant by purgation.

[quote:xrnu8tk7]However, Christ’s sacrifice was an eternal atonement.[/quote:xrnu8tk7]
An atonement that must be applied. It is grace without end, but just because the bank account is infinite does not mean you don’t cut a check to pay the bills.

That is what Jon is getting to in his post above. We sin. We must repent and receive forgiveness and make atonement and receive Christ’s grace. And that, in a nutshell, is purgation.