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[quote:9c6cfuop][quote:9c6cfuop]Where, pray-tell, did I admit that?[/quote:9c6cfuop]
[quote:9c6cfuop]”This is the only verse not taken out of context. Yes, only those who are made pure in Christ Jesus through his sacrifice will be in heaven.”[/quote:9c6cfuop]

Purgation is being made pure in Christ Jesus through the graces merited by His sacrifice. That is why I find “If God knew we could just go to purgatory for a while, why would Jesus have had to die?” a funny question. It is not seeing the forest for the trees.

Try these two questions:

1- Do you believe that in heaven we will be truly perfect?

2- Do you believe that we are truly perfect on earth?

Luther once used the analogy of a dung heap (our sins) covered in snow (Christ’s grace). But Revelation says that no imperfection will enter into heaven, so at some point all that dung has to go; no matter how much snow you pile on top, that dung cannot enter heaven.

If one dies in God’s good grace, he is destined for heaven. Purgatory is how the dung is removed so that no imperfection enters heaven. This removal is not separate from Christ’s sacrifice but, on the contrary, wholly and entirely dependent on it. Without Christ, there is no purgation.[/quote:9c6cfuop]

I did not admit that there is a ‘purgatory,’ please don’t twist my wods to make it seem so. And here is where you are wrong: When Christ died, he did not merely cover our sins, he ERASED them as far as the east is from the west. Animals were not willing and perfect, so they were only TEMPORARY sacrifices. However, Christ’s sacrifice was an eternal atonement.