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[quote:jzkmu1iy]As a Catholic, you are not obliged to submit only to dogma. The teachings of the Church, whether dogmatic or pastoral, are to be followed.[/quote:jzkmu1iy]

I know, I’m sorry if I acted too presumptuously on that one. I just feel that the Church’s relationship towards other faiths is liable to change, because as it was different in the past, it can be different in the future, right?

[quote:jzkmu1iy]God is not everything Islam teaches about Allah, but the Catechism is clear that Moslems worship the God of Abraham.[/quote:jzkmu1iy]

They worship the God of Abraham just because they (and Muhammad and the Qur’an) say so? I mean, that kind of recognition is the worst thing one can do about Islam. That’s what they claim – worshipping the same God as Jews and Christians – and that is precisely why we have to ¬´shut the door¬ª. Allah is not YHWH and Isa is not Jesus. Ecumenism is fine, but Truth is better.

[quote:jzkmu1iy]Profound error concerning God? Yes. But they worship the God of Abraham. That they are mistaken about certain of His attributes does not mean He is not the object of their worship.[/quote:jzkmu1iy]

I’m sorry, I fail to see how Allah – a wordly creation from Muhammad – can be, even if in a most imperfect manner, God. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />

Now, if we decided to create a religion ([i:jzkmu1iy]?† la [/i:jzkmu1iy]Ron Hubbard, for instance <img decoding=” title=”Cool” /> ) and said that, indeed God is Manu and that Manu is the God that the Jews, Christians and Muslims worship but what happened was that they all corrupted their scriptures, so that our holy book – the Quackwa – timeless and divinely revealed is the true, incorrupt word from Manu, does that make the object of our religion, (let’s call it Manuism) Manu, the God of Abraham just because we stated so?