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[quote:288qrtq7]I’m sure the relationship of the Church towards muslims is liable to change . I don’t understand that declaration as dogmatic.[/quote:288qrtq7]
As a Catholic, you are not obliged to submit only to dogma. The teachings of the Church, whether dogmatic or pastoral, are to be followed.

[quote:288qrtq7]I’m sorry, but I can’t see how a false prophet such as Muhammad can speak revelations from God or deny Jesus’ divinity, not to mention the absurdity of denying His crucifixion![/quote:288qrtq7]
No one contests this.

[quote:288qrtq7]God isn’t Allah, as I’m sure anyone here agrees.[/quote:288qrtq7]
God is not everything Islam teaches about Allah, but the Catechism is clear that Moslems worship the God of Abraham.

[quote:288qrtq7]I fail to see how muslims aren’t in profound error by worshipping a false deity.[/quote:288qrtq7]
Profound error concerning God? Yes. But they worship the God of Abraham. That they are mistaken about certain of His attributes does not mean He is not the object of their worship.