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Though, Herkman, I must warn you that [i:390hexuh]there’s no salvation outside the Church[/i:390hexuh].

For those people who haven’t been in anyway in contact with the Catholic Church and her teachings, God may save them through His infinite grace. As for those people who have been in contact with the Church and that reject it (therefore rejecting Christ and His sacrifice), I’m afraid that things might get tricky… <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

I’m sure that [i:390hexuh]a priori[/i:390hexuh] the orthodox may be saved. I’m not that sure about protestants, though. Surely, no one can really say that he or she is going to be saved, but we catholics have the assurance that, at least, we’re within God’s fold – His Church – and therefore with all the tools at hand for salvation.

The fact is, the true and full recipient of Faith is found in the Church that Christ build here on earth upon Peter, the rock. That One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that we profess to believe in anytime we say the Creed, is no more than the Catholic Church.