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[quote:j3bqzqmu]Looking into anything requires looking into its history. The devil cannot seperate the Church but he certainly attempts disunity. [/quote:j3bqzqmu]
[color=darkblue:j3bqzqmu]Sorry for being nit picky but isn’t seperation and disunity the same thing?[/color:j3bqzqmu]
[quote:j3bqzqmu]Luther brought important matters to the Pope’s attention which were ignored (indulgences) and he was tried as a heretic like so many others who doubted the Catholic practice at the time.[/quote:j3bqzqmu]
[color=darkblue:j3bqzqmu]I think you are giving this era too much credit. Objections toward the Church are ancient. Luther was certainly not the first, nor will he be the last.[/color:j3bqzqmu]
[quote:j3bqzqmu]Seperation was not desired but a consequence of poor communication and action between the early Reformers and the Pope and Bishops. Both are to blame and we continue to repeat history here and now in our accusations against each other. I felt I needed to respond though I resigned, but now I do it again <img loading=” title=”Confused” />[/quote:j3bqzqmu]
[color=darkblue:j3bqzqmu]I’d be surprised if you heard any catholic tell you that the Catholic Church was/is immaculate in regards to discplinary matters. But I think Luther knew better then to resolve it as he did. Since when is seperating from the Church a good way of resolving issues? Assuming he was right.[/color:j3bqzqmu]