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[quote:3pn8f6o8]I am beginning to interpret a superiority complex, correct me severly if I am in error.[/quote:3pn8f6o8]
Do I believe that the Catholic faith is superior to all other faiths, Christian and non-Christian?


Do I believe that I have the best chance of reaching salvation if I have the grace of the sacraments in my life?


Do I believe that because I am Catholic and hold the Catholic faith that I am better than anyone?

No. Although my friend has theological problems with it, I follow the Orthodox sinner’s prayer, “Lord Jesus, you came to save sinners, of whom I am chief. Have mercy on me.”

[quote:3pn8f6o8]As a Protestant I feel no conviction whatsoever that the Catholic faith seperates a Catholic from the fullness of Truth, nor that Protestantism is the fulfillment of any defiency.[/quote:3pn8f6o8]
It differs depending on the other party. A Lutheran does not see much truth lacking in the Catholic faith, but would see much unnecessary added to it.

Come to think of it, most objections I have heard to the Catholic faith concern something She “has added” to the truth, rather than taken away. The opposite is true of most Protestant views in my view. It is not that much has been added, but that something is missing.