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[quote:1ioyyx7c]The Catholic Church did not provide the Scriptures but the Early Church Fathers of whom Protestants and Catholics alike agree were guided under the Holy Spirit to use their authority to form the canon.[/quote:1ioyyx7c]
The ECF’s [i:1ioyyx7c]are[/i:1ioyyx7c] Catholic. In fact some of them were Catholic bishops others were priests. there was no other “branch” of Christianity other than the Catholic (universal) faith for quite a long time.

[quote:1ioyyx7c]I encourage you to look more into Protestantism to better understand Catholicism. [/quote:1ioyyx7c]
That makes about as much sense as trying to learn math from an English textbook. Yes, let’s look more into the movement of Christianity that separated from the church Jesus established….real brilliant. :rolleyes: