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Luther is an interesting man to quote, he also is famous for his “sola scriptura” by which was clearly misunderstood as well. The Catholic Church did not provide the Scriptures but the Early Church Fathers of whom Protestants and Catholics alike agree were guided under the Holy Spirit to use their authority to form the canon.

Ecumenism is indeed about acknowledging and discussing differences. However, ecumenism is about discussing these differences and not placing one’s conviction above the very act of ecumenism.

I am beginning to interpret a superiority complex, correct me severly if I am in error.

[quote:3ca9czd5]And yet deficiencies in practice and interpretation are what separates Protestants from the fullness of Truth found in the Catholic faith. [/quote:3ca9czd5]

This is perhaps what is seperating us. As a Protestant I feel no conviction whatsoever that the Catholic faith seperates a Catholic from the fullness of Truth, nor that Protestantism is the fulfillment of any defiency. If leading Evangelicals and Catholics thought this way their would be no hope of reconciliation.