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I’m not sure if the ignorant people are rare people. The early Church believed that the Apostles had spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth – now we know better. The Catholics then changed their position and had to conceive of the possibility that nearly 2/3 of the world has never heard the Gospel. Invincible ignorance is a clear reality for most of the world.

Conscience is important to understand but Law may be seen as a fundamental means of obtaining any conscience at all.

The Sacraments are channels of His grace freely given to us. Protestant faiths may have much of the truth, and foster much in the way of faith, but they lack the fullness of truth along with these most precious gifts of our Lord.

To understand “Truth” as obtained through observing the Sacraments is still old fashioned Catholicism. As a Catholic you are expected to follow these stipulations but any Protestant is required to follow the sacrament of Baptism and Marriage. A Protestant cannot be judged by Catholic notions of what is truth, nor vice versa. If this were true the Catholic church and even the Evangelicals would not be making great pains to come together and work towards unity as the body of Christ together.

I admit I am bothered by your presumption that Catholics are still generally the only part of the Church. Statements of faith are quite clear that basically any Protestant church follows the Creeds as well as the Catholic Church. Practice and interpretation are different always but that’s about it.

I am surprised to learn your age, but I’m young too. Do you wish you had formal training of some sort in the Catholic Church? I have often thought of entering a Catholic school of some kind to broaden my understanding of faith and the Church. One of my professors (Anabaptist) studied at a Jesuit school of Theology and claimed it to be very beneficial and it is quite apparent that he has grown from it.

I encourage you to look more into Protestantism to better understand Catholicism. The Catholic Church is not the only means to salvation <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />