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[quote:2qrtsoy7]:| I have love and compassion for every person and all the creatures that God has made,I hope I don’t read it right,but your not for same sex marriages?I live acroos the street from a gay man and he is a very nice person(but not “married”)I’m not against gay people thats there choice in life.I totally disagree with same sex marriages(and they should’t have same rights as a straight marriage) and also of gay family’s adopting children.This world is confused already without bring up children in a unorthodox setting. I don’t believe any of the same sex people that “marry” are Christian’s or if they read the bible about marriage.
[color=red:2qrtsoy7]ANY HOW THAT’S MY OPINION ON THIS SUBJECT AND I FOLLOW WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS[/color:2qrtsoy7][/quote:2qrtsoy7]

No, I am not for same sex marriages. But I will not promote anything that demeans them or puts them down in any way. They struggle with sin just like you and I.