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[quote:zdj5kubc]No. At least, not necessarily.

Jesus was going to die, rise again, and thus defeat death. Because Adam sinned and brought death into us, Jesus had to defeat it for us. It became part of God’s plan (God’s original plan obviously did not include making us fall from grace).

But I am not certain that Jesus [u:zdj5kubc]had[/u:zdj5kubc] to die as He did. He did not [u:zdj5kubc]have[/u:zdj5kubc] to be crucified. Jesus would have defeated death just the same had He died of old age and rose again.

How it would have happened if it had happened differently is unanswerable if one presumes, as I do, that Jesus only had to die and rise again to do God’s will.

That is not to say, however, that what happened was the best course of action. God respects our free will, but He is also omniscient and outside of time, so I trust Him to take the best course. The details and connotation surrounding a death by crucifixion were likely better examples of God’s love for us than dying of old age.[/quote:zdj5kubc]

Excellent….that is honestly something I had never dwelled on. I always assumed the crucifixion was part of the plan.

Thanks Benedict.