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[quote:czgkzmpf]Oh. Well, I am trying to contrast it with the “priesthood of all believers.”

We have designated people to do the priestly tasks – saying mass and all that is not something just anyone can do. Those tasks are reserved for people who have been ordained.

That’s what I mean. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />[/quote:czgkzmpf]

I see what you mean. The selection of a few (12 apostles) has always had it’s place in how God communicates and works through the human person. For one, it can bring humility to those who struggle with authority. It also works as a multi-back-up system in an organic body. If error (virus) creeps into any area of the Body it has a way of flushing it out BECAUSE of authority and how our hierarchy works. If you do not make such a seperation of class, the system will crumble in a matter of a short time. In short, I think the seperation was done to mimic the function of our own body by having a back up while creating unity and humility in all.

Is this what you were looking for Jon? <img decoding=” title=”Neutral” />