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Weather wrote:
[quote:jgj1zfhs]Only you will know when the time comes,I guess I don’t want to take the gamble,you cannot not enter the kingdom of heaven with a unclean soul,everyone was born with verinal sins(which has to be cleanse in purgetory). Good luck to you.
Luck? that won’t get me into Heaven anymore then a myth described as Purgatory. Don’t you get it? I believe God’s written word that Jesus took care of my sins at Calvary’s Cross, there is no other solution, not purgatory, Masses, or any other “tradition” that the Supposedly “infallible”
Roman Catholic Church can imagine up! You guys keep thinking that your salvation is dependent upon your performance and you disregard what Jesus did at Calvary….. Venial sins? see my view on that at article #25 — look over the rest of my web site as well