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[quote:20b2ioqz][quote:20b2ioqz][quote:20b2ioqz]I too agree that a “moral framework” is required for a country and its people, however, what one person might consider to be “consistant with Christianity” may be considered, by another, as an attack on their freedom of religion.[/quote:20b2ioqz]
But as Christians we believe there is an objective truth. Isn’t that what we should be fighting for regardless of who it offends?[/quote:20b2ioqz]

[color=darkred:20b2ioqz]I think so. My personal struggle is fighting off the claim of “theocracy”. There is no doubt that I want my morality (Church teaching) implemented into government, but who doesn’t? But I wouldn’t want to make “you must believe in Christ” a rule of law. How do you guys know where to draw the line? [/color:20b2ioqz][/quote:20b2ioqz]

That is a tough one to answer Victor. I think that common sense is the most important thing to consider. I think its safe to say that Christianity has changed societies across the world for the better over history. A lot of what we consider to be “humanism ethics” were not in place until Christianity came to most cultures.

We need freedom of religion. But if we throw out the basic ethical core of Christianity, society in general will revert to something that most people would not want to live under.

I hope that makes some sense. I got a lot of my mind lately. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />