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[quote:n0n8xtu9][quote:n0n8xtu9]I too agree that a “moral framework” is required for a country and its people, however, what one person might consider to be “consistant with Christianity” may be considered, by another, as an attack on their freedom of religion.[/quote:n0n8xtu9]
But as Christians we believe there is an objective truth. Isn’t that what we should be fighting for regardless of who it offends?[/quote:n0n8xtu9]

[color=darkred:n0n8xtu9]I think so. My personal struggle is fighting off the claim of “theocracy”. There is no doubt that I want my morality (Church teaching) implemented into government, but who doesn’t? But I wouldn’t want to make “you must believe in Christ” a rule of law. How do you guys know where to draw the line? [/color:n0n8xtu9]